Saturday, September 08, 2012

Oil on canvas, 100x73, first preliminary steps.

Yes, I know, Titian is a tricky one indeed. And this seems to be a bit of a compromise, technically speaking. I didn't prepare a gesso ground and seized it with the usually recommended mixture of mastix and brown earth. I didn't sketch in the forms by means of egg temper and lead white. I simply prepared an oil ground, seized it with a bit of natural umber and white and then sketched in the forms with thinned paint. There is much to be done and the overall impression seems to be a bit of an amateurish try. But I shall endeavour to improve the painting step by step...

Paints used:
Oudt Hollandse
White (one can't obtain lead white in Germany any more - disaster!)
Siena nat., Umber nat., Vermillion, Red Lake, Ultramarine blue, Ivory black

Damar varnish 1:10, Boiled linseed oil 1:1