Thursday, February 23, 2012


From time to time some very odd things come to my mind, one might even say follies. It was just the other day, while thinking about classical dead colouring, that I began to wonder, whether it would not be wise to use acrylics as a substitute for tempera underpainting. Good heavens! Quite impossible! .... Is it? Hm. Perhaps not. No! Never! Why not? Indeed why not?! A thought however that I always refuted vividly. 

Having been rather dogmatic on the issue of materials and techniques in my younger days, I must confess that, growing older, I am tempted to feeling rather heretic in this matter now. Especially so, if one only intends to do a decorative copy, a still life for instance - just for fun. So let's give it a try! At least for the sake of experiment.  And today I started. A lovely flower picture originally done by Rachel Ruysch, now in the National Gallery London. I shall share the outcome of this foolery within the next days...