Sunday, August 14, 2011

Nicki Schaepen after Follower of Philippe de Champaigne, Madonna with Child, oil on canvas, 73 x 60 cm.

Painted on a linen canvas prepared with a double ground, mainly consisting of chalk and rabbit skin glue, with small amounts of ivory black and natural umber. In order to reduce the absorbency of the ground, heat bodied linseed oil has been poured into the chalk-glue mixture.

Lines were sketched in with charcoal and then the paint was intended to being applied as directly as possible. However, as those old-fashioned grounds are really unpredictable regarding their absorbency, a classical layer technique had to be applied.

Paints used:
(due to the strict German law I am unable to use lead white any more, which is only given to people who have permission granted by the department for the protection of historical monuments. I had to replace it therefore and am now using Scheveningen yellow instead).

Oudt Hollandse:
Scheveningen yellow
Natural Umber
Natural Siena
Burnt Siena
Red lake
Ivory Black
Ultramarine blue

Thinner: simple paint thinner

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