Monday, March 28, 2011


Nicki Schaepen after Antonio Canal, detto il Canaletto, oil on canvas, 41x51 cm, unfinished state, March 2011.

After so many weeks, I am now able to present one of my new works: a Canaletto, showing one of my favourite churches in Venice. There is much to do still, but nevertheless, as the air hereabouts begins to inhale the tender fragrance of spring, one yearns for a trip to the Serenissima...

The painting is executed on the emulsion ground, I described on 9th of June 2010. I simply used Oudt Hollandse (nat. Umber, nat. and burnt siena, ivory black by Harding, Oudt Hollandse geel, ultramarine, vermilion), and a bit of thinner.

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