Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Well, some things are done quickly... Although the painting is only sketched in and lacks more attention, one is yet able to form oneself an certain impression...

Oil on ready primed cardboard;
oil thinner and Oudt Hollandse:

Prussian blue, Siena nat., Burnt Siena, Burnt Umber, Vermillion, Ivory Black - all Oudt Hollandse.

Dear friends and visitors,

To all of you a very happy and blessed New Year. As these last months had been extremely busy, I did not find enough time to paint and thus to share any results with you. However, since Christmas Holidays began, I (re-)started three projects:

1. A landscape by R. Wilson
2. A landscape by J. Constable
3. A Madonna and Child by Ph. de Champaigne

Furthermore, Van Dyck's Sir Kenelm Digby is almost concluded. I shall post some photographs as soon as there is something presentable to share.

All the best,


PS Well, just a little glimpse on Sir Kenelm... please note that although there is a picture lamp and a frame, the portrait is not yet concluded!