Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Cardinal
Nicki Schaepen after Giovanni Battista Gaulli (detto Baciccio), Cardinal Marco Gallo, oil on canvas on open stretcher, 70 x 56 cm, first step.

A Cardinal... from the National Gallery London. Well, as all is a teensy bit hectic these days, I just managed to sketch in the main forms; all details still need much work.

Materials used:
1. Oil primed linen canvas
2. Oudt Hollandse Oil colours
Vermillion, Red lake, Umber nat., Naples Yellow, Ivory Black, Ultramarine Blue, Scheveningen geel instead of Lead White (which is extremely hard to get in Germany).

Medium: Linseed oil, Turpentine

Sunday, August 14, 2011

PS We had some sort of thunderstorm today, hence the rather dark impression of the photographs. I'll try to improve my photographical skills, which are, as you well see, very poor indeed. Cheers...

Well, two more steps to follow...

Nicki Schaepen after Richard Wilson, Mount Snowdown from Llyn Nantll, 2011 [1766], oil on canvas, 73 x 60 [127 x 100 cm] cm [Castle Museum and Art Gallery, Nottingham].

Some time ago I started this landscape by Wilson. I am trying to finishing it some day...

Ground: Double layered oil ground, lead white, heat bodied linseed oil.
Seized with burnt siena and a little amount of natural umber, paint thinner

Oudt Hollandse
Scheveningen yellow
Burnt umber
Burnt Siena
Natural Siena
Ivory Black
Ultramarine Blue
Cadmium yellow

Paint thinner

Nicki Schaepen after Follower of Philippe de Champaigne, Madonna with Child, oil on canvas, 73 x 60 cm.

Painted on a linen canvas prepared with a double ground, mainly consisting of chalk and rabbit skin glue, with small amounts of ivory black and natural umber. In order to reduce the absorbency of the ground, heat bodied linseed oil has been poured into the chalk-glue mixture.

Lines were sketched in with charcoal and then the paint was intended to being applied as directly as possible. However, as those old-fashioned grounds are really unpredictable regarding their absorbency, a classical layer technique had to be applied.

Paints used:
(due to the strict German law I am unable to use lead white any more, which is only given to people who have permission granted by the department for the protection of historical monuments. I had to replace it therefore and am now using Scheveningen yellow instead).

Oudt Hollandse:
Scheveningen yellow
Natural Umber
Natural Siena
Burnt Siena
Red lake
Ivory Black
Ultramarine blue

Thinner: simple paint thinner

Friday, August 12, 2011


Es ist in letzter Zeit hier sehr sehr still geworden. Das hängt mit vielen Entwicklungen im Studien- und Privatleben zusammen, die mich vom Malen abhielten. Inzwischen sind jedoch einige Projekte begonnen und auch schon in einem solchen Stadium befindlich, daß ich sie entweder heute noch oder aber in den nächsten Tagen hier vorstellen kann.

Es handelt sich dabei um zwei Kopien: Eine Mutter Gottes aus der Champaigneschule und "Raphael und Tobias" von Domenichino. Zudem sind noch drei weitere Werke in Vorbereitung. Dazu jedoch bald mehr.

Monday, March 28, 2011


Nicki Schaepen after Antonio Canal, detto il Canaletto, oil on canvas, 41x51 cm, unfinished state, March 2011.

After so many weeks, I am now able to present one of my new works: a Canaletto, showing one of my favourite churches in Venice. There is much to do still, but nevertheless, as the air hereabouts begins to inhale the tender fragrance of spring, one yearns for a trip to the Serenissima...

The painting is executed on the emulsion ground, I described on 9th of June 2010. I simply used Oudt Hollandse (nat. Umber, nat. and burnt siena, ivory black by Harding, Oudt Hollandse geel, ultramarine, vermilion), and a bit of thinner.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Well, some things are done quickly... Although the painting is only sketched in and lacks more attention, one is yet able to form oneself an certain impression...

Oil on ready primed cardboard;
oil thinner and Oudt Hollandse:

Prussian blue, Siena nat., Burnt Siena, Burnt Umber, Vermillion, Ivory Black - all Oudt Hollandse.

Dear friends and visitors,

To all of you a very happy and blessed New Year. As these last months had been extremely busy, I did not find enough time to paint and thus to share any results with you. However, since Christmas Holidays began, I (re-)started three projects:

1. A landscape by R. Wilson
2. A landscape by J. Constable
3. A Madonna and Child by Ph. de Champaigne

Furthermore, Van Dyck's Sir Kenelm Digby is almost concluded. I shall post some photographs as soon as there is something presentable to share.

All the best,


PS Well, just a little glimpse on Sir Kenelm... please note that although there is a picture lamp and a frame, the portrait is not yet concluded!