Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Back Home from Rome.

I just returned back from
Rome and started some new painting projects that will be posted here within the next weeks. For today I leave you with some images from a seventeenth-century priming technique.

Technical Details:
Support: Raw Linen canvas, 10x10 knots/m²
Seizing: Rabbit Skin Glue 70:1000
Ground: Rabbit Skin Glue 70:1000, gesso, umber crypt., smalt, ivory black, zinc white (as a substitute for the toxic lead white), 25% stand oil (linseed oil).

1. Canvas on open stretcher. Pot with glue.
2. Seized canvas. One can clearly see how the glue has filled the wholes between the canvas weaves.
3. Pot with gelled glue.
4. Checking if the glue has not come out too strong.
5. Stirred glue.
6. Sinking in the gesso.
7. Readily prepared emulsion ground of a greyish colour.


Hans-Georg said...

Sie sind Katholisch und kommen aus Hohenzollern?

Wo liegt das eigentlich?

Nicki Schaepen said...

Hohenzollern? Das liegt in Baden-Württemberg (Hechingen, Haigerloch, Sigmaringen) und ist heute freilich nur eine lokalpatriotische Bezeichnung...