Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dear friends and visitors of Historical Painting Techniques,

This blog has recently become much more about my private life than about historical painting techniques. The reason for this is that I find myself currently quite unable to spending enough time for painting. I do hope, though, that this situation will change completely as soon as I have settled down here properly. If I come to more money, which is quite short these days, I can probably purchase everything I need to do a copy of Caravaggio or Batoni.

When I arrived in Rome, I had to deal with the extremely run-dwon state of my flat. Not only that there were quite a lot of silverfish, ants and all sorts of their disgusting relatives here, no, the bathroom and kitchen were in such a rotten state, that my confrater and I had to clean and actually restore the place for more than three weeks.

After having managed to do so, we attended a language course at the Gregoriana. Five weeks later, I find myself quite unable to converse in Italian in a manner appropriate to study at an Italian university. I wouldn't say that I expected a different outcome, and I am quite aware that I have to do quite a lot in order to improve my language skills. However...

So, in a nutshell: Historical Painting Techniques will be on hiatus for at least until Christmas. If there should be any interesting developments, I shall let you know.

With best wishes and prayers,