Friday, September 04, 2009

Finally landed in Rome. The Italian language course at the Gregoriana started on Tuesday. More to come...


Minna said...

This is very exciting, and I am very happy for you. I trust that everything is going well.
Do you know how long it will be that you will be studying in Rome?

Nicki Schaepen said...

Dear Minna,

How nice to hearing from you. Trust you are alright? Congratulations and prayers by the way for the introduction of your new Bishop in Finland!

Thank you for asking. Everything is going quite alright, except our apartment, which has shown to be a complete dump. When we arrived we realised that it was verminous. However after a long struggle using all kinds of weapons chemical industry provides, we managed to excavate the bugs' head quarter and now we can live in peace.

I will be staying for one year only, as it is part of our training programme. Must say that I am rather keen to enjoying the qualities of Rome, especially the fact that the liturgy in some places is quite extraordinary, if you take my meaning...

Well then, hope to hearing from you soon. All the best and prayers!


Luce said...

"soon" being defined as sometime between today and eternity?

Nicki Schaepen said...

Dear Luce,

Yes, most true, I must apologize for being so optimistic with regard to my blogging. Sometimes very bad things happen that may detain one from routine...

All the best,


Helen Crafford said...

Dear Nicki

I do hope nothing too terrible has happened to you since we have seen each other! Then on the other hand you might just have been indulging too much in the "la dolce vita" - as it should be. ;-)

Alles Schöne,


Nicki Schaepen said...

Dear Helen,

Thank you so much for your kind comment. No, no, no, it is not that bad. Just some of those nasty imponderables one encounters when settling in a foreign city. But I am afraid that "la dolce vita" has not really reached me so far, although I came up to Venice last weekend.

Do think a lot about the time we spent together with Florian here in Rome. Hope you're fine?!

Take care.
All the best and prayers,


Helen Crafford said...

Dearest Nicki

I'm so glad nothing too bad has happened to you! Strange things happen when one is abroad, but they are more often than not just minor irritations.:-) Do send me pictures of your visit to Venice and your recent visitors and what you thought of the information I sent you previously.

Got thrilling, still inofficial, news which will entail you having the pleasure of exploring a capital thousands of kilometres south of Rome. It's a pity that you can't see the lilac blooms of the Jacarada trees which are covering my city at the moment. Guess a photo has to suffice...I also still often think very fondly of the fabulous time with you two.

Give my warm regards to Florian and keep well.