Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ecce Homo

Nicki Schaepen after Sir Anthony van Dyck, Ecce Homo, oil on canvas, 100 x 80 cm, photograph taken during painting procedure.

Just returned from Croatia. I must say what a refreshing holiday! Exactly the kind of thing I needed.
Today, I wanted to share a little picture I started on Pentecost (click here to see a previous post). Most of the picture is executed "alla prima", but I had to rework some areas like the fingers of the hand or the crown of thorns. After all essential elements of the painting are finished in this straight forward manner of execution, I will refine the whole thing with glaze. As the thinnly applied layers contain more oil they look a bit shiny... still have to improve my photogrphic skills...uff.

Here is the technical report:
- support: Canvas, 14 x 14 / cm², sized with rabbit skin glue 60:1000:6
- ground: dark brown ochre, gesso, lead white, rabbit skin glue and linseed oil (1:2)
- sketching in: yellow chalk
- paints: lead white, naples yellow, raw and burnt siena, vermillion, burnt umber, ultramarine, ivory black
- for the flesh: gesso bound in linseed oil, mixed with lead white (1:1)
- paint medium: linseed oil, turpentine

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