Monday, July 02, 2007

San Damiano
One of the most touching and inspiring depictions of our Lord on the cross I have encountered is the legendary cross of San Damiano. There are a great many of reproductions all over ecclesiastical circles which are generally of a rather poor quality. I have decided then to do my own version of the famous cross and I did not realise in the beginning on what a journey I was embarking to... However, the photographs may give an impression of the dimensions of this new project.

First of all, I had to saw the gesso primed board I prepared for an other, abandoned project last year. As I did it with a circular saw, I had to repair the sides with a very thin ornamental batten, which I subsequently stained. Afterwards I had to mould the central nimbus, to fix it with glue and then to paste it over with linnen canvas.

I will post the progress within the next few days...

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